Peruvian Projects

e-learning projects in Peru

There are 3 main e-learning projects in Peru.

1. The “Huarazcaran Project” which is called “Innovative classroom” now. Participating schools have a classroom with computers to work with.
2. The “Distance learning Project” in rural areas.
3. The “Laptop XO Project” (see OLPC Peru) was launched in 2007 in Arahuay (pilot project) and spread out to all peruvian regions with the vision to include all peruvian public rimary schools by 2011. Each child (and each teacher) has its own Laptop.

WeDo Project

WeDo is a Pilot project in education with robots in Peru. The project is launched in the Region of Cusco, Piura, Lima and Ancash.

WeDo in Ancash


WeDo TrainingWeDo Training IIWeDo ResponsiblesWeDo Robot

Juan’s projects with hand puppets

Juan teaches the 5th grade (2009) at Shancayan’s primary school Huaraz/Ancash. He and his pupils create plays in their selfmade hand puppet theatre.

Here you can see what Juan and his class is doing with the laptop. (Aquí una muestra de los que se puede hacer con poco presupuesto y mucha imaginación en nuestro Perú de cada día.)

Peruvian kids playing puppet theatre with a lot of imagination and with little materials. (Niños haciendo teatro con títeres de botella.)

Some more videos to relax. (Y pues unos videos para el relajo, si gozaste del recreo te gustarán mucho.) – Mi linda flor – Largate – El pisado

Peruvian pupils discovering eToys on the XO laptop and giving a short demonstration:


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