Brazil – I am coming

First, I thought I might need a deadline to finish my Ph.D. thesis and I could have been right. Second, it turned out that I was right but I was not right in planning this trip at this time …

Everything started in February: the Winter was not as good as expected regarding a great skiing and snowboarding season with tones of snow, I joined a conference on “New Millennium Learners” in Vienna organized by the Austrian Ministry of Education and OECD and this exactly on my birthday which I prefer spending with friends in my hometown Innsbruck. It was a foggy day, sitting in a conference hall but at least having Internet access. I received the Lufthansa Newsletter with the recent offers – flights to Brazil for only 500,- Euros if flying before the 31st of June … I started thinking but I had already decided to book a flight. Due to my well developed decision making skills I waited another 2 or 3 days before booking, thinking back and forward if a flight in the end of June would suite my Ph.D. plans. Each day of thinking increased the price of flights – so when I definitely decided to go travelling again, the lowest price was for the 24th.

Now, it is the end of June – my flight is on Thursday and I did not finish my thesis yet. This really sucks but it is too late now to change that. Anyway, accepting this fact, I bring my papers and documents to work on my thesis during my travel. Do you think that this is impossible looking at my planned trip?

My planned trip

Anyway, I will not hurry around South America and it is only a plan that can be changed easily. The plan is to arrive in Sao Paulo Friday morning at 6am and going right away to meet my friend Marianna in Vila Magdalena to get prepared to watch the soccer match Brazil – Portugal at 11am (there is a time difference of about 4-6 hours – I just do not remember). I hopefully meet the other two Marianna’s I got to know last year in Sao Paulo and have a great time with them. Triple Marianna rock definitely J On Saturday I fly to Lima to visit my old Maltese friend Joe just before going to Huaraz to meet my friend South Tyrolean Martina.

I cannot wait to …

… escape from this rather shitty summer in Innsbruck,

… leave behind routine,

… open up for new ideas, people, cultures, world views, …

… train my tolerance and patience

… and much more (I will write about that later on)

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