In this map you see the villages (written with red color) where I’ve been to visit schools using the Laptop XO.



As I arrived in Perú schools were still closed because of the flue. I organized myself the first week in Huaraz, translated interview and questionnaire materials into Spanish to work with. I went to the regional (DREA) and local government (UGEL Huaraz) to meet the responsible persons of the project. In DREA Prof. Washington Lopéz didn’t work anymore but in the UGEL I met Prof. Capistrano Romero. He told me about the progress of the program and invited me to take part in next week teachers training.

Monday to Wednesday I spent in Shancayan’s primary school. I met all the teachers and the director from last year. I visited Juan’s class and we worked with the Laptop XO. They improved the plug-in so that no one gets electrical shocks anymore. Pupils were much faster in opening learning resources and the lessons were much quieter than last year when the project was just implemented.

Presentation with the Laptop in classLaptop XO - TortugArteJuan's class

Here some Links to Videos posted on YouTube of the 5th grade (see Peruvian Projects):


Teachers Training in Huaraz

Thursday and Friday I joined the teachers training. The first day Prof. Garcia gave a pedagogical orientation class. He explained several applications of the Laptop embedding them into a pedagogical elaborated class. We were his pupils and went out to take photos, described and discussed them, presented them, used mathematical applications, read texts, answered questions and so on. It was a very interesting and varied input.

teachers training ITeachers Training IITeachers training III

The next day we were introduced to technological aspects and maintenance. First, Juan explained how additional resources could be used in schools by explaining how the Internet and Networks work. He brought an Access Point to give us access to his Laptop to download additional learning resources.

Afterwards, Oscar Mallqui from the UGEL Huaraz showed us how to maintain the Laptops. He showed us how to clean the Laptop from the outside, the monitor and the keyboard. Teachers could ask questions and he tried to answer them. A big problem was the Laptop itself. Cables of chargers do not work anymore because pupils chew them and ruined it, batteries were always low even if they were charged, monitors were broken, single letters of keyboards were missing, and so on. They tried to solve most of the problems but serious problems have to be solved by the Ministry of Education. Sending in a Laptop and getting it back takes about 3 months … so they have to be creative. Broken cables of charges could be changed by a new cable, if a keyboard is ruined they should take it from the Laptop with the broken monitor, and so on.

chargerMallquin - technical specialistTeamwork

Lima: Ministry of Education

I went to the Minstry of Education in Lima to visit the crew from last year but most of them were not working there anymore. They sent me to the storage deposit to meet Miguel. Miguel was happy to see me again and I liked his confidance. It is allways easier to meet and talk to people you allready know. So he told me everything about the process of buying the XOs – quality controll – configuration – distribution … it was very interesting to see this part of the project.

Storage depositStudents helping with the XOStorage deposit II

Arahuay: Pilot

Arahuays schoolPlug in IIPlug in

The Pilot of the Laptop XO in Perú was launched in Arahuay’s primary school. I visited Julio’s class (3rd and 4th grade) and we went to the nearby river to take pictures to work on “substantives” later on in the classroom. Judith (5th and 6th grade) was working with her pupils on different topics and used several text sources from the Internet. Pupils were reading, answering questions and so on. Not all schools have Internet.

Julios photo activityShooting photoskidsAlejandroLearning resourcesJudiths class

I lived close to the village center:

Lucias houseMy roomView from my room

Visiting the primary school in Cascapara

I went with the specialist from the UGEL (local government of Education) Yungay to the village of Cascapara to visit another school. Since this school is taking part in the WeDo Project (educational training with Robots) as well, the specialist wanted to visit the teachers and help them installing the new software to work with the Robots. While the specialist installed the new software on the Laptop XOs, I visited the different calsses and talked to the teachers.

XOTeamworkSelf studyingTechnology and old style

Link to an article on FurtureZone @ ORF.at (in German language): http://futurezone.orf.at/stories/1632564/ or
http://blog.intevo.net/2009/12/ein-laptop-fur-jedes-schulkind.html or

Link to short videos about the laptop in peruvian highlands and amazon region: http://www.vimeo.com/6642323


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