Huaraz 2009

This little city right in the mountains of Peru was my “base camp” for my studies here in Peru. You see the sunrise on the left photo, me in the Plaza de Armas in Huaraz and the Huarascaran view from Huaraz.

Huaraz panoramaPlaza de ArmasHuarascaran

Huaraz down town 🙂

Huaraz is 400km north of Lima in the Andean Mountains. The left picture shows the main road to the north and the right picture shows the main road looking to the south. In the middle you have a nice view from the Soledad (a district of Huaraz) to the Cordillera Blanca with the highest mountain of Peru, the Huarazcaran.

Main road west viewHuarascaran viewMain road east view

At home

This is were I lived.

The yardTotó and IThe housemy windowlittle Muck

Rock climbing in Chancos

One day I was going with friends to Chancos to rock climb. It was a beautiful day.

First route

Chancos IaChancos IbChancos IcChancos IdChancos Ie

Second route

Chancos IIaChancos IIbChancos IIcChancos IId

Third route

Chancos IIIaChancos IIIbChancos IIIc

Day of Folklore in Huaraz

little boysprofessional dancerwomen dancing groupBelci and TotoLittle girlTotoCampesina and daughter

Visiting a social project

recycling processKola RealwasteProducts

Lima 2009

After spending some weeks in Huaraz, visiting the primary school in Shancayan I went to Lima to meet some people from the Ministry of Education for my study and to travel to Arahuay – the Pilot of the Laptop XO program in Perú (One Laptop per Child). I spent a great time with an old friend who I met here again: In 2000 I was in an italian language school in the middle of nowhere in the Marche – for one entire month. We were far away from everything: no buses – nothing … and some weeks ago, one of the guys saw my facebook entry that I was in Perú. He contacted me and now I am living with Joe 🙂

getting a bed in Jo's houseBefore the soccer gameJo in Barrancoin a restaurantGoodbye dinner for Carmenoutside of LimaPeruvian dishBarranco - Lima


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