Brasilean flag

The first part of my South America trip is over now and I’m in Huaraz in Perú now.

But, since I have not had time to write something and post photos in the Internet, I take some time now! Lies and I, we travelled for one month around Brazil. My intention was to go right away to Argentina but since the weather was very bad in the South and there was some chaos in Buenos Aires because of the flue we decided to stay in Brazil and travel more to the North which was not really the North but let’s say mid-east.

Our Route:


1. Stop: Sao Paulo

Here I met Lies and it was sooooo nice to see her again! Since she doesn’t live in Innsbruck anymore we barely meet. Marianna and her friends made our stay in Sao Paulo very special. We got to know the fancy places to go for dinner and for a drink and we were invited to a private birthday party.

Sao Paulo fiesta Grafiti Rio

2. Stop: Ihla Santa Catarina

Heading to Florianopolis overnight we decided to have a quiet start of our first travel together. We went right away to the island’s south to Armacao. We hardly met any people there. It is more a fisherman village and holiday did not started in Brazil yet. Long walks on beaches, a bike tour and eating good food was more or less what we did here. And of course: talk, talk, talk about all the things happened the last couple of months and about our (future) plans.

Bike tourIhla Santa CatharinaLies and IBiketourRain or sun?CaipirinhaBeatiful rocks

3.  Stop: Curitiba and Foz do Iguacu

We missed the bus back in Florianapolis to go to Foz so we had to stay a night there and went to Curitiba the next morning. It was raining quite heavy so we just walked a little bit around the center and went overnight to Foz. Here it was pretty cold and again: rain … we went to the Brazilian part of the Foz do Iguacu. It was amazing! So pretty! So nice! We were totally wet but the visit was worth it.

Foz do IguacuBrasilean sideWaterfalls

The next day we went to the Argentinean side of the waterfalls. The sun came out and it was wonderful to see the waterfalls and the rainbow. We met 2 Belgium guys: Celine and Jorian who we would meet later on at our travels.

Argentinean sideCeline, Lies and I

Traveling to Campo Grande:

Healthcare in busesMe and Lies

4. Stop: Campo Grande and Pantanal

Another overnight bus drive to Campo Grande from where we started a 4 day Tour to Pantanal. Here, Sandro was our guide and we went horse riding together with him and an English couple, we went on a day and night Safari, shipping on a boat along the river, hunting Piranhas and tubing on the river. We have seen a lot of different animals! Yuca sang Brazilian songs at the fire at night for us and we hat very good conversations with the guides.

Boat trip PananalLies and her PiranhaLies¨big fishSunsetGuerteltierLies and caimensHorse back riding

With the Belgium’s we travelled to Salvador by plane …

Flight to Salvador

5. Stop: Salvador

As I already wrote in Facebook: SALVADOR ROCKS! It was the most colorful place to be. We loved Bahia, we loved the Hostel, the people we met there and all the music in the streets! We spend some time with the Belgium’s, visited the theater, went to see and listen to the Olodum drum group, went out and had a couple of Caipirinhas.

Tania at the beachOlodumStreetshowSamba musicOlodumBahian people

6. Stop: Tinharé (Morro de Sao Paulo)

Many travelers told us to visit “the island”. So we went by boat to Tinharé. Lies got to know Estefania who visited her friends Daria and Dario. We stayed at their Hostel and had a wonderful view on the ocean. We were invited to their house for dinner, went on a boat trip to Boipeba – a nearby island, took a mud bath, went on a “djungle tour” inside the island with “Alemao” and Vanessa and Ricardo, two Americans, and swam in the ocean.

View from the roomLonely islandMud-bath4th beachPalmtrees1st beachAliansBoipebaSaludos

7. Stop: Lencois (Chapada Diamantina)

After a horrible journey back to Salvador we went to Lencois, a little village in the National Park “Chapada Diamantina”. We met the Americans again and were invited to come with them and their friends to a hike to a waterfall. The scenery was amazing! A bath refreshed us after a long hike and climbing rocks. The next day they took us to a nearby mountain. The view from the top was wonderful!

Lies, Tanja and AiaViewImpressive szeanaryNatural sledgingLencois beatiful housesMountain Ignacio

8. Stop: Rio de Janeiro

We arrived by plane in “H”io and went to a recommended Hostel which was a 5 star Hotel nowadays and a little bit too expensive for us. So we moved on to a nice low-budget travelers Hostel in Santa Teresa. On our first day we explored a little bit of the city, took the old yellow tram and went to the Botanic Garden. After walking around for hours we sat down in a supermarket’s bistro and ate. Suddenly heavy rainfall started and the water entered through the roof. We had fun even though the employees did not. On our second day we visited the Christo and enjoyed the stunning view over the city.

Pao de Azucar and CopacabanaChristoCopacobana beachChristoSanta TeresaChristos backMe at CopacobanaIpanemaHostel view: Santa Teresa

Over night, I went by bus to Sao Paulo and Lies took the plane the next morning.

9. Stop: Sao Paulo

It was quiet boring in the morning in Sao Paulo. I arrived at 6am and there was nothing to do. I waited until 12pm to meet Lies and Mariana for lunch. I nearly missed my flight to Lima but in the end everything worked out except for meeting Lies at the airport. I missed her there and I really miss her now.

Saludos II


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  1. Steffi says:

    Das klingt ja absolut geil. Wünsch Dir mega viel Spass!!! Hoffe wir sehen uns bald mal wieder.

    Beste Grüße


    P.S. Boah, ich bin auch soo urlaubsreif (aber nur noch 2 Tage, dann Holland und Germany).

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