on the road again

What did I tell you about travelling? It never really works out as I wish it would … just a couple of days ago I was trying to come back from Barcelona by plane … I exactly knew how to get to the airport: first I would have to walk to the Metro station, then I would take the blue line and change in Sagrada to the red line and get off at Plaza Catalunya to catch the airport bus. Sitting in the Metro felt stressful because I was already late because I forgot my jacket at my fiends’ place and I had to run back to her apartment to get it. So I was sitting in the red line and thinking in getting off the next station to catch a taxi when I finally realized that I went way too far with the Metro. I got off the Metro, ran to the next bigger street to catch a taxi. I arrived finally in time at the airport and I was happy to go back with the flight to Geneva I bought some weeks ago and not buying a new expensive one.

On Tuesday I rushed to get all my stuff packed. Finally it was done. I went to bed around midnight to get up early. In the morning I received a text message from a colleague that there were strikes in Portugal … I checked my flight time table online to be sure that everything was fine – nothing was fine. My flight was cancelled 😦 what should I do? I phoned all possible agencies but only the airport information was open at that time of the day. I felt stressed because I had to make a decision to go or not to go to Munich airport.  Finally, I decided to stay in Innsbruck and it turned out that it was the best decision I could have taken because a fully day, TAP Airlines did not fly. The travel agency rebooked my flight and I spent two more wonderful days in Innsbruck, visiting friends, hanging out, drinking coffee at the balcony in the sun, going out for lunch with my colleagues and so on. I feel extremely good and I am ready to travel in 10 minutes 🙂

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