Last but not Least

I’m still in Huaraz – relaxed and happy ever since. Last week I joint two friends going to Laguna 69 and I had a great time! We started at 6 in the morning and went by bus to Yungay where we shared a taxi up to the Huarascaran Park. In the beginning of our ride I asked Raul if he has an additional wheel to change if something would happen. Everyone laughed. But my joke was not a joke … 45 minutes later, one of the wheels exploded. It took Raul about 20 minutes to change the wheel and we went on. We passed the beautiful Laguna Llanganuco with the Huarascaran Mountain on its side. The sky was sky blue and the peaks glittered like diamonds in the sun light. I started to wake up and got mentally prepared for the long hike. It took us 3 and a half hours walking slightly up to the lake at about 5100m including a breakfast break (I ate bread with banana).

Laguna 69 is definitely one of the most beautiful lakes up in the Cordilliera Blanca! When you arrive you feel being in Greece: the blue water of the Laguna was shining like in a fairytale, a waterfall of the Glaciers water made the sound scenery and suddenly we heard a tremendous sound and a huge ice block fell down, converted into a avalanche heading down in the direction of the Laguna. I loved that place! After a little rest, relaxing in the sun and having lunch (the same stuff like for breakfast besides I was invited to a sandwich) we started hiking down again. Raul waited already for us and I made sure that he changed the additional wheel in case that something would happen … my friends asked me not to talk about things that could happen … I stopped talking. My head started to get a headache. It was terrible. I fall asleep in the taxi. After 3 hours we arrived in Huaraz – I was hungry and tired which is not the best combination for Tanja (some of you know that kind of situation: my colleagues from work they always bring some chocolate for me to but me in a good mood again – these people did not know about Tanja in a hungry and tired mood …).

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