First contacts

Meeting people is one of the essential things in live besides drinking water and eating potatoes (in some parts in this world – if I would be in Europe right now, I would have written Pizza, if I would be in Asia right now, I would have written Wan Tang, if I would be in Australia right now, I would have written Kangaroo meat, if I would be in Africa right now, I would have written Cuscus and if I would be in Antarctica right now, I would have written fish). Getting attention and communicating are two actions that enrich our life with a lot of stories (especially if our world of dreams is poor). For me, both, real and dream world inspire me a lot enjoying life the way I do. I know, it is not the same for all of us – for some people the dream world is important and some would just like to skip the phase of sleeping because it is boring and seems to be a loss of time BUT I can tell: it is worth living your dream world as well! Just take a little time before starting off the day; stay in bed for some minutes, think about what happened in the “lost hours” of your life and you will see: red monsters were following you on your way saving the princess’ life. Finally, you beat the red monster and saved the princess: mission successfully completed – the princess’ father felt like the happiest person of the world and to show his thankfulness he gave you what ever you wanted and a permanent residence for his empire OR a beautiful cat with a bushy pink tale with green dots showed you the way to one of the last hidden treasure of the Incas – you could not tell anyone of your findings because you were afraid that no one would believe your story, especially the part of the beautiful cat. You might be sent to a lunatic asylum which would be a pity because of all the plans you already made to realize your real dreams, so, you just did not say anything to anybody and maybe no one would ever find out about that treasure you found except for you OR you just hang out with friends having a great time, going sand boarding in Sahara during the day, drinking Arabic Chai in an café at night and talking about the good old times back in school and watching the stars in the sky – what a happy life …

Recently, my dream world is rather poor than rich: I do not take over my boss’ office anymore OR kill people with my 13 bullet gun OR rescue people from drowning in the ocean. Maybe this is because of the cold I have which does not let me sleep properly. I wake up once in a while because of heavy coughing. Ok, back to the topic: first contact.

I went to GTZ in Lima to get information about a regional project considering women here in South America (called COMVO mujer). I met the responsible person Monday morning in the office in San Isidro and I had no idea about who I would meet. There is no information in the Internet so far because the project was just set up in January and is still in its initial phase. So, I waited about 3 minutes in a little conference room looking around not knowing what would happen. The door opened and a woman came in. I stood up and introduced myself before sitting down again. These 10 something seconds were very interesting for me because it was a new feeling and never happened to me before: we looked at each other, I introduced myself in Spanish, she told me her name, still looking at each other, than she asked me in Spanish where I was from, I told her originally from Germany, I asked her where she was from, she answered in Spanish from Germany, so I said that we could talk in German – everything seemed to be in “slow motion” BUT it was only a couple of seconds. It reminded me on animals’ behavior seen in documentaries I saw when I was younger. Conversation was poor and seemed slow in the beginning, checking the other person was more important. After these seconds we sat down and started talking fluently. It would have been very interesting how the woman perceived these initial seconds of our first contact!

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2 Responses to First contacts

  1. ChristophD says:

    Hope the rest of your talk at GTZ went well!

    Maybe see you in Lima in 2 weeks? 🙂


  2. Maria says:

    Keep on posting! Me encanta saber de tí! 🙂 Super blog!

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