On the road again … I am heading to Huaraz which is in the beautiful Andes – let’s say in the heart of the Andes!

Just before getting on the bus I feel strange, I am thinking of my friends, of my home, of many things … The last couple of days I was together with friends, with really nice people and it showed me that I could live in all these places BUT you only have one life – it is impossible living in all these places someone likes. How could this be possible?

On the road of life you make certain stops – sometimes without knowing why and if it turns out as a good decision you tend to stay, you just do not think about moving ahead. While travelling it is different: if you stay in the first place you went, you have never travelled. You would have visited a place but you would not have travelled. For me it is so easy feeling at home somewhere. I am a lucky person though because I always meet lovely people on my way! And it makes it harder and harder because all these people live all over the world. Thanks to all of you making my life how it is – A GREAT ROAD TRIP !!!

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One Response to Travelling

  1. Mike says:

    Wouldn’t it be sad to stay at one nice place your whole life – without recognizing that there is another place even nicer, that you have never seen because of being irremovable where you’ve been? Have a nice travel to Huaraz!

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