fun is (/and) queuing

Sao Paulo

I spent a beautiful day in Sao Paulo with my friends. When I arrived, Mariana picked me up from the Metro to go to Fernando’s house to watch the second half of the soccer game (Brazil – Portugal). I was late but luckily the game was not that interesting anyway. Fernando offered really good finger food: different salsas, bread, olives, cheese, meat AND fresh cold beer – actually, I had my first beer in Marianas car going to Fernando’s house. I felt good being there. After the soccer game we had lunch: rice with fish which has a special name in Brazil but I forgot it, palm tree heart pie, meat and rice. Afterwards, Mariana and I went to her house in Vila Madalena to relax before going out at night.

We went to a French 60s Party in the cellar of a second hand furniture shop. It was a cool place, the live band was great and the DJ as well. I was not in a dancing mood but I met many different people to talk to and I had a good time thanks to Dudo, Atillo, Clarissa, the Marianas and to all the others. After the Party we went to eat something – it was already late so we slept in the next day.


Did you know that ‘queueing‘ is a national sport of Brazilians? I didn’t but it happened that I got to know that. I went back to the airport to get my flight to Lima two hours in advance – just be sure that I can make it. I made it BUT I had to queue. Do know these domino competitions? I felt being one of the little dominoes somethings in that game – fortunately, I did not fall. Anyway, I nearly missed my flight but before that: I had to queue. I started in sector B queuing to Sector C, than to sector D, making a big curve back to the section in-between sector C and D to start queuing in the official queue which was a 5 curves labyrinth. I started talking to the guy behind me. He was a nice guy, fluent in English travelling to Germany. Some nice Lufthansa staff took him away from me so he could not queue anymore. I think he was pretty unsatisfied about that. Anyway, I had the pleasure to continue to queue. After queuing one hour, I arrived more or less at this big curve. I got a little nervous because of boarding which just started … As I have not had to do anything I looked around, I looked at people, then I saw this good looking guy. He was for sure Brazilian because he wore this typical Brazilian shirt: yellow with green (you must know the shirt). Thanks to the construct of this queue it happened that we started passing each other once a while. Each time passing him, I looked at him – the third time passing, I cut my lip with the edge of my ticket. I hate this. Did this ever happen to you as well? I mean, normally you cut your finger … but now, blood was running out of my lip. It must have looked awful. I pretended having an open shoelace to escape his view …

When I woke up from this day-dream I realized that I was still queuing and that there was no good looking Brazilian guy. Luckily, my lip was okay and I tried to talk to the security guys to get taken away like the guy I talked to hours ago. My departure – I mean, the departure of my plane was in 20 minutes. No chance, everyone loves queuing, so everyone has to queue.

PS: Checking-in online the day before, I did not choose my favorite seat ‘A27’ anymore – I already strongly believed that my bad luck travelling was caused by ‘A27’ so I reserved ‘A7’: IT WAS NOT BETTER THOUGH!!!

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